The Art of Chip Carving: Award-Winning Designs

Because chip carving usually begins with an already-finished object, such as a box or plate, it appeals to a variety of people eager to transform ordinary pieces into masterpieces. In this book, you will meet some of the world’s best chip carvers, who have produced masterworks, and explore the astonishing range and beauty of their art. In the many projects in… Continue reading The Art of Chip Carving: Award-Winning Designs

Carving Clowns with Jim Maxwell

100’s of step by step photos on carving and painting  techniques show you how to carve your own  handcrafted masterpieces. Ready to use patterns  for 12 different clowns.

Carving Clowns & Circus Wagons

Send in the clowns! They’re the heart of this guide, with dozens of styles for  faces and costumes, complete with wigs and funny  noses and floppy shoes. You’ll get all the carving patterns and instructions you’ll  need, with full color photos. Once you’re finished, the  fun really begins, for a circus parade on display is a sure crowd pleaser!

Carving Mountain Men with Cleve Taylor

Follow the detailed and lively instructions presented here to learn techniques for creating popular figures of the past.  Patterns are included with the instructions to carve both the mountain man and his long rifle. Provided also are the detailed instructions for painting and finishing the work. The detailed instructions will make this book an enjoyable and educational challenge for the intermediate and advanced woodcarver.

Woodcarving In The Scandinavian Style

With a knife and just a gouge or two you’ll carve and bring to life “Johannes, the “Farmer,” “Kristina, the Farmer’s Wife,”  and more wonderful, old-world people in the Scandinavian “flat plane” style of carving. Clear directions, front and side-view patterns, and step-by-step photographs show you exactly how to make a few simple, well-placed cuts. Generally, no sanding or smoothing… Continue reading Woodcarving In The Scandinavian Style

Folk Carving with Shane Campbell

Shane Campbell takes you step by step through the process of creating two attractive basswood figures, an angel named Ruby and a whirlgig figure name Angelene. 260 color photos. For the beginner to the most advanced wood carver. 

Carving a Kid’s Size Rocking Horse

Step-by-step, the process of constructing and carving a kid’s size rocking horse. Even though it is ambitious, the instructions and illustrations will enable the even the novice carver to complete a work of which they can be proud. 

Through the Looking Glass with Tom Wolfe

The carver is led through the project with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions, illustrated in full color. This is a great book for the beginner and the intermediate carver, but the patterns and guidance from Tom provides will be valued by all.