Powercarving Birds, Fish and Penguins: Using Beautiful Hardwoods

Beginning with the selection of the right wood, and ending with a proper finish, Gene shows you how to create works he calls “sketches in wood.” Gene Larson demonstrates in words and pictures why he concentrates on simplicity of form, and how a beginner can use a block of wood the way a sculptor would… Continue reading Powercarving Birds, Fish and Penguins: Using Beautiful Hardwoods

Blue Whale (Carving Sea Life Series)

Carving Sea Life: Blue Whale and Family contains patterns, plans, and instructions for carving wooden models of each whale in the rorqual family–a blue, a fin, a sei, a Bryde’s, a minke, and a humpback – as well as a decorative display base, along with general carving tips and instructions for finishing.

Seashells (Carving Sea Life)

Carving Seashells contains patterns, plans and instructions for carving wooden models of several types of seashells – common razor clam, blue mussel, quahog, common slipper, bay scallop, northern moon, knobbed whelk, waved whelk, common sand dollar, arrow sand dollar, and sea biscuit. Tips on carving in the round and relief sculptures, as well as finishing… Continue reading Seashells (Carving Sea Life)

High-Relief Wood Carving

Filled with ideas, inspiration, instruction, and pratical advice, this generously illustrated handbook covers every aspect of this immensely satisfying pastime.  Using hundreds of photographs, William Schnute helps you select tools, choose a subject and the right wood, carve realistic basket weaves, leaves, plants, and animals, as well as ribbons, borders, and repeating patterns. Whether you… Continue reading High-Relief Wood Carving

Celebration Carvings

Ron Ransom’s will show you step-by-step how to carve wonderful and whimsical holiday characters to entertain you all year long. Simple enough for beginners ane yet challenging for experienced carvers. A flying witch, a headless jack o’lantern, a leprechaun and Uncle Sam are among the delightful characters you can carve.

Carving the Rose

Carving the Rose was written to provide a guide for woodcarvers who are interested in flower carving in the round. It is a book that provides the beginning or intermediate carver with a plan to carve a rose. This book gives detailed instructions on how to use John’s method in a clear and simple language… Continue reading Carving the Rose

Cowboy Carving with Cleve Taylor

Follow the detailed and lively instructions presented here to learn techniques for creating western art. Provided also are the detailed instructions for painting and finishing the work. Patterns for four cowboys and a horse are provided. The detailed instructions will make this book an enjoyable and educational challenge for the beginner and the advanced woodcarver.

Chip Carver’s Patterns Volume II

This second volume by Bob and Amorn covers in detail geometric, free form, negative image, and positive image methods of removing small chips of wood in a clean and precise pattern. In addition, the authors discuss tools, sharpening, transferring the patterns (hot or tracing) and finishing. A useful companion to volume I.

Chip Carving Patterns

It sounds unbelievable, but you can create exquisitely detailed, beautiful chip carving  projects from easy to use patterns with simple, fully explained techniques.  With Barton’s marvelous, step-by-step guide, you quickly master a range of borders, sculptured edges, rosettes and free-form motifs, as well as the essentials of lettering.   Then you go on to the excitement of making your own… Continue reading Chip Carving Patterns

The Art of Chip Carving: Award-Winning Designs

Because chip carving usually begins with an already-finished object, such as a box or plate, it appeals to a variety of people eager to transform ordinary pieces into masterpieces. In this book, you will meet some of the world’s best chip carvers, who have produced masterworks, and explore the astonishing range and beauty of their art. In the many projects in… Continue reading The Art of Chip Carving: Award-Winning Designs