2021 Holiday Season

Going in to the 2021 holiday season, we want to remind everyone how grateful we are for the following things we sometimes take for granted: We are still able to find leisure time to work on hobbies like wood carving, which bring us immense joy. We have the means to get tools that make our… Continue reading 2021 Holiday Season

Carving Cigar Humidors

From a caricature Texas Troubadour Humidor to a simply elegant decoy humidor, a new range of carving for carvers, both novice and experienced, is opened. Amply illustrated with many patterns.

Carving Wild Life of the Forest and Jungle

A series of relief carvings and figures in the round are presented to satisfy the requirements for the Boy Scout woodcarving merit badge. Patterns and instructions for carving and painting are included for a Tiger, Goldfinch, Wood Mouse and Owl.

Carving Comical Bears

Share the excitement as you see a whimsical cowboy character bear  come to life from a rough block of wood. Included are over 300 detailed and  easy to follow close-up color photos, showing blocking, carving, detailing, finishing, and sharpening techniques. Eight patterns of the bear family that everyone is sure to enjoy! 

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